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We aim to help local communities to:

Simon gets firewood at the Raleigh Park Logs for Labour event

Simon gets firewood at the Raleigh Park Logs for Labour event

  • Connect with their local environment and local energy supply, and understand the productive nature of woodlands
  • Increase their supply and demand for woodfuel
  • In doing so, reduce their carbon footprints, improve their biodiversity, and reduce their ‘fuel miles’

We can help to:

  • Assess opportunities for woodfuel production in your community
  • Identify how your community woodland can be managed for woodfuel and biodiversity
  • Advise on funding opportunities, including the Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Advise on woodfuel storage and drying
  • Organise visits to woodland management, woodfuel storage and distribution, and woodfuel boilers in other communities
  • Develop feasibility studies for log, pellet and chip boilers
  • Develop a biomass trade centre in your community
  • Advise on how to sell wood products from your woodland
  • Run training events for community members who want to learn about woodland management and the woodfuel supply chain

Watch BBC1’s two minute presentation about our programme, aired 7 June 2013.

GiB logo_outlinedThe Community Woodfuel Programme is an initiative by toe2, initially funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and now by Oxfordshire County Council, and supported by the following partner organisations:

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This website is oriented at community groups, but most of it also holds true for individuals.