Welcome to our tree planting team! We would like to thank you for your interest in the nature’s health and you can join us in our mission to ensure better and brighter future for all of us! Our expertise is the key in our work but we also rely on the experience of professionals and your help!

We want to plant trees for woodfuel

Petya, Daniela and Helena of Oxford Brookes University help to stake trees at South Hinksey’s community woodland! With their help, we can organize everything we need for our mission and therefore we are very thankful for that!
Planting trees is a wonderful way of improving not only today’s environment but also providing woodfuel for the future. Funding for tree planting is available from various sources. However not all trees will thrive in all locations, future climate change needs to be taken into account, you will want to consider how to manage the trees in the future (for instance for woodfuel and coppice products as well as wildlife), and the ash dieback crisis has highlighted the importance of sourcing seedlings locally and from a reputable grower. Our mission is to ensure that we plant trees in order to provide the better future for all of us!

Tree Planting

We plant trees to save the environment and ensure us a better future! We plant all kinds of trees, ranging from pine, willow, oak, cherries and all other you can think of! Of course, we plant the trees according to the type of soil.

Tree Care

Once we plant trees, we take care of it throughout the whole year! We cut it, feed it, water it and do everything that is necessary to ensure the healthy development and grow. Our goal is to have healthy trees!


We also do the landscaping in order to provide the appealing and functional environment. All the landscaping is done with the help of professionals who possess a significant experience in landscaping and therefore provide the good service that is appropriate for having the appealing environment.

Turf Renovation

In case the soil is bad and not appropriate for planting trees, we will do the renovation of turf. It is done with the help of professionals who have been working in this industry for a long time.

Woodland Group

David Rees of the OWP giving advice to a community woodland group – his help is precious as he has a lot of experience in this job. The Oxfordshire Community Woodfuel Programme does not directly support tree planting, but support is provided by David Rees, the manager of the Oxfordshire Woodland Project:  tel. 01865 815427, David.Rees@oxfordshire.gov.uk.

The Community Woodland Network provide lots of helpful advice on planting trees, including useful publications that give more detail.The TCPA and Wildlife Trusts have prepared a good practice guidance for green infrastructure(which includes woodlands that have public access)

The Forestry Commission The Big Tree Plant helps to fund community tree planting events.  The next application deadline is 15 March 2013. There are also other Forestry Commission grants for woodland improvement, management, creation, planning and regeneration. Oxfordshire County Council provides information on planting a community coppice

IOT & 5G

5G is the next generation of connectivity technology that can, among other things, operate machines, objects and devices including self-driving vehicles remotely and create faultless mobile phone connections in places where it was previously not possible. 

We are proud to announce a close cooperation with the European IoT firm Netmorem2m.com who is our partner on M2M Sim Cards and 5g infrastructure. 

Our Goals

We want to ensure a healthy and safe environment that will look appealing and functional with a good ecofriendly product! Our mission includes the help of many professionals. Therefore the mission of healing the environment is backed up by many distinguished people who know how to preserve the nature and create a functional environment!

News & Events

Riki will be running a series of one-day woodfuel-themed study visits on Monday 15 April, Monday 13 May and Saturday 8 June.  Each visit will cost £25, and there is a limit of 20 people per visit.  Contact Riki to sign up, and watch this website for more details. Also, if you have ideas about the general improvement of environment, or any suggestions, please do present these.

  •  20 Nov 12:  David Rees of the Oxfordshire Woodland Programme will be running a series of courses on woodland management: see OWP Woodland Experiences.  A good Christmas present for someone who likes woodlands?

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