We started as a small organization with a simple goal of environment preservation and managed to grow over the time in the fully functional organization. Over the time, we succeeded in organizing the team of experts that will work on different aspects of our “better future” mission that we want to accomplish. The cutting-edge tools and the latest technology perks will make our mission easy and with your help, likely achievable.

When it comes to tree care, we are your number that you will call. Whether it is a tree planting, removal, maintenance or soil preparation, we have covered your needs. Our professionals do possess a vast experience in tree-related jobs, so any kind of job will be done without making any damage or problems. Also, we work with specialist who are in charge of tree disease diagnosis as we want to ensure the health and healthy growth of the trees.

Our plan for the future is to expand our team and cover larger area. At the moment, we have over 50 employees that work with us but we are planning to increase that number. We want to provide the full potential and enable green and healthy growth of the trees that will make our future greener and better.