Ask your woodfuel supplier: “Do you stock OxLogs?”

Click here to find your nearest OxLogs supplier. If you are living in an area without the OxLogs supplier, please do contact us so we could know and try to take the further steps in order to ensure you have one.

Buying local, good quality firewood helps to support local businesses and minimize ‘fuel miles’.  But many woodfuel providers have provided ‘a load of seasoned firewood’, without specifying what they mean by ‘a load’ or ‘seasoned’. This is what we wanted to improve and give people more insight into the whole matter.

toe2‘s OxLogs standard aims to increase customers’ certainty about the quantity and quality of firewood that they buy; and over time to improve the quality of firewood produced in Oxfordshire.  OxLogs suppliers guarantee that they will provide transparent and accurate information about their firewood. This means the presentation of several crucial information that you want to know and it includes:

  • Its volumein tossed (not stacked) cubic metres – any load must contain at least 95% of the stated volume, and the supplier must not use loose words like ‘load’
  • Its moisture content– at least 90% of any load must be <25% moisture content, with the rest being <30% moisture content
  • Whether it is hardwood, softwood or mixed– at least 98% of any load must be of the stated wood type
  • Its lengthin inches – at least 95% of any load must be at or less than the stated length.

It is important to know all of these details before you proceed to the next step, and we want this to become the standard.

The OxLogs standard is NOT a guarantee by toe2: rather it is a voluntary, trust-based scheme signed up to by firewood providers. Providers who use the OxLogs logo agree to give clear and honest information; in turn they can use the logo and are promoted by the woodfuel programme.

That is why we stress the importance of transparency in our job, as we want to give people clear look in what we are doing and delivering.