007OxLogs logo1OxLogs information for buyers

The OxLogs standard aims to put your mind at ease.  Any OxLogs that you buy should be of good quality and just like they are described by your woodfuel supplier.  The OxLogs standard covers


  • Volume, to ensure that you get a clearly-understood and easily measurable quantity of logs.  The OxLogs standard specifies ‘thrown volume’, namely the volume of wood that is thrown into (say) the back of a truck.  Nicely stacked wood will take up less space than the same quantity of thrown wood.
  • Moisture content: At 25% moisture or less, your logs should burn well in all wood-burning stoves and boilers.  In Oxfordshire’s climate, to get much below 22% moisture would require kiln drying: although some kilns use waste heat from other processes, others use energy to dry the logs, which makes the logs less sustainable.  For this reason, OxLogs uses 25% as its standard.
  • Type of wood:  There is nothing wrong with softwood as a fuel, except that a softwood log, on average, will produce less heat than a hardwood log of the same size.  Because many people prefer to buy hardwood logs, softwood tends to get ignored to the point where we are heading towards an over-supply of softwood and an under-supply of hardwood.  So do consider buying softwood, which will also be cheaper than hardwood.
  • Length: Make sure that you buy the right length of wood for your stove.  It takes more time and energy to produce shorter logs, so expect to pay more if you have a smaller stove.

Please remember that logs are a natural and dynamic product.  Many things affect a log’s moisture content, for instance temperature and the moisture content of the air.  That is why the standard allows for some flexibility: for instance up to 10% of logs are allowed to exceed a 25% moisture content.

Please let us know if you are unhappy – or happy – with your load of OxLogs.  If we regularly get complaints about an OxLogs supplier regularly, we will first try to get them to improve the quality of their product, and if that does not work we will consider striking them from the list of OxLogs suppliers.