3 Important Values Of Trees In Our Environment

The planet Earth will face serious problems if do not start perceiving the importance of trees. Yes, trees do provide us many useful things like timber, paper, furniture and many other things, and it would not be fine if we had said that we should have cared for our trees. Of course, the importance of healthy trees is not arguable, but beside these primary values, why these are so important for our society and world we live in?  There are several aspects and for the sake of article, we will list just a few of them.

Improves the community

Trees and parks are the inevitable parts of every community. Parks and all streets (almost every street) use trees to accomplish a nice an appealing look but what is more important, those trees give us more oxygen and makes urban lives a bit easier. Imagine what would happened if there had not been any tree in the cities. There would be no shade in the street where an old granny could stay and rest for five minutes on her way from the grocery store. The kids in city could not play if there had not been a park that has trees and grass. Also, many trees are very old (a few centuries) which is a sign of pride for a city that has that old tree.

The huge value for environment and ecology

As we said, trees produce oxygen that all living beings need for living the more trees you have, the better air quality you have. Also, trees are fantastic tools for preserving soil and conserving water, while at the same time helps the wildlife to survive, as it relies on the health of forests and trees. The carbon dioxide absorption is done with the help of trees so it is clear how much of influence have on the environment and ecological system. All the dirty particles in the city that are flying around the city are absorbed by the trees, so they are kind of cleaners of our environment. At the same time, the effects of wind, rain and Sun are much more decreased by the dense forest. It influences the speed, direction and intensity of wind, and also decreases the overall air temperature. Not to mention the animals that eat leaves and live on trees!

Personal value

There are no two same trees on the planet, which is fascinating! Every of it has different texture, form and shape and a lot of them are changing the look during the different seasons. Speaking of the personal value, the lifespan of trees is huge and it often lasts more than you do. If you had planted a tree when you were 15, it would have been grown so much that you would be delighted to see it after 60 years!  This is like a monument that you make, but it gives you comfort and relaxation! Anyone who sits under the tree describes it as a pleasant and calming experience!