Wood stove providers in Oxfordshire

If you are wood stove provider in Oxfordshire and would like to be on this directory, please contact the programme manager.

Wood stove providers with showrooms

Bicester: The Fire Place, 45 Wedgwood Road, Bicester OX26 4UL, 01869 322389, steve@the-fire-place.co.uk, www.the-fire-place.co.uk.

Dorchester on Thames: Dorchester Fireplaces & Interiors, 3 High Street, Dorchester on Thames OX10 7HH, 01865 341452, www.dorchesterfireplaces.co.uk

Garsington: Manor House Stoves, The Boundary, Wheatley Road, Garsington, OX44 9DY, info@manor-house-stoves.co.uk, 01865 361505, www.manor-house-stoves.co.uk

Henley: Natural Heat Centre, Toad Hall Garden Centre, Marlow Road, Henley on Thames, RG9 3AG, 01491 818616, www.naturalheatcentre.co.uk


Wood stove providers without showrooms

Beckley: Oxfordshire Stove Company, Ian Bush, Royal Oak Farm, Islip Road, Beckley OX3 9TY, 01865 358458, office@theoxfordshirestovecompany.net, www.theoxfordshirestovecompany.net. (also First Choice Chimney Sweeps)

Fritwell: Summerfield Ltd., 1 The Lane, Fritwell, Bicester OX27 7QW, 01865 345346, info@summerfieldfires.co.uk, www.summerfieldfires.co.uk

Wallingford: Centipede Property Services, Wellings Cottage, Rokemarsh, Wallingford OX10 6JB, 01491 598212, info@centipedeltd.co.uk, www.centipedeltd.co.uk

Wantage: Andy Yates Fitting Services, 01235 760370, www.woodburnerfitter.com

Watlington: Chesterman Chimneys, 49 Britwell Road, Watlington OX49 5JT, 01491 612168 or 07901 151125, www.chestermanchimneys.co.uk